Work & Love by Kat Capel

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A patchwork of romantic poetry and desperately horny found texts. Work & Love is a blurring of the real - jumping castles, mummy issues, secrets - circling the topic of paid and unpaid intimacy in the 21st century.

living lifetimes in bed with others always makes me miss you
afraid, I squash the extent of this missing like a lemon
and pour the juice down the drain before your arrival

relationships are built on such unspoken things
this is bad practice, like indulging a person’s request to be humiliated
without finding out exactly what this means to them

truth is, people are often more comfortable being pissed on
than pulled apart

Kat Capel is an experimental nonfiction writer and the co-director of expanded literary practice space ReadtheRoom. Their writing focuses on the poetics of narration, is often conversational and blunt in style, and contains a merging of forms such as, but not limited to; poetry, prose, screen/playwriting, image and found text. Kat aims to use their writing to lure meaning from real or imagined happenings of political love, horniness, place, grief and gender.