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The first run of Undocumented has sold out however we are doing a very limited second run with some copies available for pre-order that can be ordered now. Copies should arrive around the 6th of November!

Three deep breaths to acknowledge land.
Three deep breaths to honour the ancestors.
Gratitude for Nyai Roro Kidul,
saltwater goddess. Dhikr.
And an offering eggs, lemons and betel leaves.

Undocumented is a narrative essay that weaves ancestral remembrance together with dreaming abolition to imagine a world founded upon principles of love and nurturance. It was written in conversation with community, alongside those who practise insurgent care in their daily lives, in hopes to grow strong roots for the next world.

A’isyiyah is a Batak and Jawa mama who grew up on unceded Cabrogal Land (South-West Sydney). They are invested in building strong communities founded upon intergenerational, ancestral and collective healing. They organise in community both autonomously and with Anticolonial Asian Alliance, a First Nations solidarity collective. They dream and study prison abolition and transformative justice, and are the vocalist of anticolonial erratic hardcore band Arafura.

Profits from this run of books will be split between the Annaliesse's Law fundraiser (https://gf.me/u/y5x662) and the library. Money that goes into the library funds future publishing projects and the maintenance of the library.

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If for whatever reason you can't afford a copy at this time and would like one, please email us at incendiumradicallibrary@gmail.com and we can organise a free or discounted book.

The printing of this book was supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria.