None of Us are Free Until all of Us are Free

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None of us are free until all of us are free - poetry from people in prison.
Includes lino-cut poster by xjavifuegox.
Very limited lino-cut print run of t-shirts available with book ($25 for t-shirt).

At Incendium Radical Library we are interested in challenging the prison nation, (including policing) which have been and are currently used to further the colonial project and to oppress those most marginalised. Incendium Radical Library and Press believe incarceration creates trauma and violence and further dehumanises people. Through literature and art, we believe that poetry and other mediums of creativity open dialogue to promote compassion and build community. Poems were written by Courtney White, Colleen Tayba, Stacey Edwards, Wendy Hill, Rebecca Amelung, Rebecca Collier, Helen Nguyen, Tracy Mison, Anneliese Kirchen, Courtney Pollard, Pauline Chantal Limpe, Samantha John, David McGettigan, Zoe, Renee, Kama, Courtney, Hayley, Ashleigh, Lauren, Lanie, Georgia, Erryn, Nicky .D., Jamie-Lee and Lana Gee.

All profits from this project are supporting the Incarcerated Trans & Gender Diverse Community Fund (

**package and shipping costs of book/poster AND t-shirt package is $11.45. $8.45 is embedded in the cost, and $3 is in shipping.